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The highlight of many homemakers' day in the 1930's and 40's was the radio cooking shows. I'm sure most of us have heard of them...perhaps some of you even remember sitting at the kitchen table and listening to those radio programs with your mom or grandmother while they were working in the kitchen? It's OK, I won't ask you to raise your hand or anything :)

One of the most popular cooking shows of that time was "The Mary Lee Taylor Program". It was also the longest running "radio cooking show" starting in 1933 and ending in 1954. Most radio cooking shows had disappeared from the radio by the end of The Great Depression. In the years that followed, television began to gain popularity and radio programs quickly became a thing of the past. A great disappointment in my view.

One of my favorite quotes is: "Sometimes in order to go forward we need to look backward." What wisdom there is in that statement. I'm not saying we should "live in the past"...but I am suggesting that perhaps some of the "old ways" were actually "good ways".

Well, I personally was not around to enjoy these radio cooking shows, but I was SO thrilled to find out there is a website where you can still listen to several episodes of the "Mary Lee Taylor Radio Program" I think you will really enjoy listening to these old broadcasts. Each episode begins by telling part of a good wholesome family story, and then there is a recipe shared at the end of the broadcast. I do hope you will find this as enjoyable as I have.

Enjoying this radio cooking show has started me thinking about possibly creating my own "21st Century" version of a homemakers radio show...a podcast. Right now I am working on topics for my podcasts. Mine will not be a "cooking" show, even though I will share recipes...but I plan to cover many areas of homemaking. So for now, this is all in the planning stage, but if you have any ideas or topics you think would be good for an "old fashion" radio show please leave me a comment.

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